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No One is Better Positioned to Deliver the Definitive Platform for Accelerating the Utilization of Broadcast Media Assets Online

Critical Media Inc., founded in 2002* and run by a team out of the leading text syndication company Screaming Media, (now a part of Dow Jones, Inc.) is a company at the forefront of real-time broadcast video capture, search, syndication and information services. Dedicated to making broadcast video search as ubiquitous as text search, the Company provides tools and services to content consumers, providers, distributors and advertisers that leverage its real-time media capture infrastructure. Every day, our media capture infrastructure, the largest in the world, processes in real time over 10,000 hours of broadcast content on 4 continents, making every minute of it discoverable and monetizable within 60 seconds of airtime.

Critical Media is a privately funded company headquartered in New York City.

Critical Mention

information services group

Dynamic Real-Time Business Intelligence

The Company's Information Services Group is focused on driving the utilization of fully searchable, real-time broadcast media and other audio and video-sourced intelligence deep into the $20 billion text-focused business intelligence market. Critical Mention is changing the business intelligence landscape, providing information services globally to companies and organizations in every sector of the economy. Its enterprise application is currently used by 25% of the Fortune 100 companies.


media & publishing services group

Real-Time Broadcast Media Search & Syndication

Our Media and Publishing Services Group is building the definitive ad-supported network for securing discrete, licensed broadcast and video news assets for online syndication and monetization. Providing a vehicle for broadcasters to leverage their content for further monetization in the vertical long tail and web publishers a way to rapidly secure quality licensed assets for building and monetizing audiences, Clip Syndicate is rapidly becoming the definitive network for distributing, syndicating and monetizing licensed video media assets in near real-time on the web. The platform's dynamically updating repository of fully searchable licensed video news content from over 250 broadcast affiliate partners and its thousands of pre-registered web site publishers and blogs seeking brand safe content, is supported by advertising partnerships with SpotXchange and Tremor Media.


broadcaster services group

Real-Time Publishing & Distribution of Broadcast Media Assets

Our Broadcaster Services Group provides a completely risk-free, streamlined approach to enhancing and distributing broadcast video content for online monetization, enabling broadcasters to get their content off the air and on to the web within moments of airtime.

Syndicaster, the only end-to-end web-based platform for midstream capture & creation of media clips, empowers broadcasters to leverage their video assets online without incurring any hardware, software, or licensing costs. Video clips enhanced with titles and fully keyword-searchable transcripts can be created midstream without disturbing existing workflows, published to Broadcaster's own websites and placed into syndication online, all within 60 seconds of airtime. We do all the tedious work behind broadcast video capture, ingestion, transcoding, search and ad optimization, and all the other boring tasks associated with the online syndication of professionally generated licensed media, so that broadcasters can focus on what they do best - create engaging, enduring pieces of video journalism.